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My Susan Xmas card

Weird couple of days so far.Thursday started at Pickle Branch Shelter and I did 15 miles to Catawba Mountain. It was a nice day, with a stop at the grocery. Half a pizza, 3 Gatorades and an ice cream sandwich have me great energy for the afternoon, basically charging into the shelter but knowing I didn’t have enough for the next four. Friday morning had me up early and at McAfee Knob before 8 am. This is the
most famous photo sites on the trail. I was there so early, there was no one to take a photo of me. Not overly worried about it. Then the rest of the 17 miles was running the ridge, which can be nice but usually is quite rocky, slow and tedious. This made for a long day. Plus, my new shoes are slightly too tight and started to cause painful chafing/pressure on my left heel. At almost the same time, I was getting a shin splint type pain in my right leg. This led to a long slow afternoon. I was flat footing it along the ridge. Plus my stupid food was waning and I felt weak. Sucked. I got to a gravel service road that basically paralleled the trail for the last two miles. I slowly ambled down the road into town and pulled into the hotel for the night and today’s zero day.
Got new shoes this morning and they feel better already.
Sadly, Tortoise and Garmin left the trail due to a family illness. Miss then already and hope to see them in NY. Not too many pics due to low battery…


Morning start up the hill

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  1. You appear to be running close to the West Virginia border. If you hear banjos, proceed with caution!

    Great photos, and sorry to hear you lost two of your walking mates.