Slacker Update

Flog me, as I have been remiss.

When last I wrote, I was in Laborde, in the south of France, staying with a couple I had met in Cambodia.

I had a good two week there, working on projects and enjoying a peaceful lifestyle in a tiny village at the foot of the Pyrenees. And by small I mean, they didn’t have a bakery.

I did some hedge pruning and the usual work, but the big fun was refurbishing the little horse carriage.



Lots of credit to Petra, who owns it, for the design.

I was sad to leave, but it was time to head north, back to Normandy, to see my French family again. Due to poor planning, I only spent an hour in Bordeaux, rather than the day I was expecting. But that just meant a day in Paris for which no one shall shed a tear.

I only had 10 days to spend with the Frankens, which seemed so short after my 6 weeks with them in Sept/Oct. But it was time well spent and I was happy to see them again.

Evan, another helper, was my helper for the deck we built behind Petite Corbon.

The Deck 1.0

I was pleased and surprised that we got it finished so quickly and we had a lovely grand-opening dinner on it, just before I left.

But leave I did, because I had to be in Paris to pick up my parents!

Mom and Dad came to meet me for a week in Paris; Dad after a few years of badgering him to get out of the country for a bit, and Mom, who has wanted to see Paris for many years. It was also extra special as it was 10 years since Mom and Sue joined me in Italy for my first international trip.

"They said you can't miss it." "It's gotta be here somewhere!"

It was a great week, but tiring as most tourist weeks are. It’s so hard to just sit and drink coffee and do nothing. But they both got a good feel for the city and NEXT time, we can just sit at sidewalk cafes all day and watch the world go by. They were both impressed about just how nice everything is. We saw all the bigs things: Tower, museums, chocolate stores, bakeries, cafes, etc. Monmartre, the Marais, Berthillon’s for some of the best ice cream I have ever had. Excellent farmer’s markets, the flea market and nightly scrabble games with mom.

If you are looking for an epic travel moment, go to the Louvre, go to Angelina’s cafe upstairs, sit outside, get the hot chocolate and some world-class dessert and enjoy.

We saw cool things and ate well and enjoyed our time together. But all good things must pass, and pass quickly they did. Time to head back to the US!


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